Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2 months from a year--10 months old.

Our little Grace just turned 10 months old, how can time possibly fly by so fast? At what point did she already grow up in to a little person? A little person that is 100% attentive, and responsive, and opinionated? I wish I would have been able to notice the exact moment. One of the things that I constantly aim to do as a Mommy is to live in the moment. She wants to eat a french fry---okkkkay. She wants to climb all over the puppies after they've just gotten out of the lake--okkayyy. She wants to stay up 2 hours past her bedtime--okaayy. As much as I hate admitting it, I can't control it all. Dangit. Really, I can't? Ugh. Oh well. Grace wins this one. It's so much more of a free feeling, and I love being this way. I know that I won't always be carefree, because I'm still me. I'm a control freak. But, I feel that as these 10 months have passed, I've slowly gotten a feel for what I can chill out on, and what I need to be stern on. I know that Dan and I will constantely be challenged raising Grace, but as long as we continue to raise her as a confident, happy, little (not so little!) girl--she will grow up in to a confident, happy, respectful, grown woman. And I'm going to stop thinking that far in advance. After all, she's ONLY 10 months old!

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